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or give free repair advice.   NO, not even a "quick question" !!!
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Save Time and Money - Send It Here FIRST
Classic Cadillac AM-FM-8 Track
unit fully repaired with the addition
of an MP3 input and TWO sets of
Line Outs - one before the controls
and one after the controls.
Sending in Your Unit For Restoration

1.  If desired, call or e-mail us for information.  Our repair line is
928-533-9666, e-mail

2.  Attach your home, E-mail address and PHONE NUMBER to the
top of your unit.  
Please include ALL contact information.

3.  Print & fill out Work Order w/Terms and Conditions

4.  Provide at least 3" of padding on all sides, top and bottom.
NOTE:  One damaged control can add $300+ to the total cost!  Be
safe and follow our packing instructions by clicking

4. Send it to:

The 8 Track Repair Center
4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

5.  We call to request payment upon diagnosis.
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United States
Most car radio shops no longer have motors for 8 track machines.  As
the repair of 8 track machines is our specialty, YES we stock
brand new
for almost every type of 8 track machine ever manufactured.

Please note that we currently only accept radio units which also contain an
8 track player.  For radio-only work, we have teamed up with popular radio
repair shops in the U.S. and Canada to provide the most complete service.
Simply scroll down this page for a list of dedicated radio repair shops.
No Extra Charge to Add MP3 Input or Line Out!

Hi Folks!  This is Barry, owner of The 8 Track Repair Center.
I'll save you some time by answering a few common questions:

"How fast is your turnaround?"  Due to the flaw-ridden
nature of the format, age, wear, decades of neglect and other
factors, it typically takes 4 to 8 weeks after payment is made
for a unit to complete all stages of restoration and testing.

A given unit, after initial repairs, is fine as long as it's up and
running.  But because 8 tracks fail more from neglect than from
wear, the most important stage of testing is letting the unit SIT
for several days then ensuring immediate and reliable operation.

"How much will it cost?"  Our flat rate for your type of unit
(regardless of brand) can be found on our "Repair Rates" tab
located at the top and bottom of each page of this website.  In
rare cases, a unit may require more labor and/or parts beyond
our flat rates.  We will never ask for more money once payment
is made unless the motor fails and was not included in the quote.

"Can you fix ___?"  Yes, we've seen and fixed it all.  However,
a unit with broken controls or extensive water damage may not
be economically reparable.  It's always best to ask about any
special conditions before sending in your unit for restoration.
For Instrument Cluster Restoration, Clocks and Speedometer Repair:
Please call 401-267-0055 or visit  
Instrument Specialties, Inc.

4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
4783 N. Glenrosa Circle
Prescott Valley, AZ  86314

928-533-9666 - Machine Repair ONLY

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To E-mail us, click  HERE
To E-mail us, click  HERE
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NOTE:  By engaging our services, you are ALSO agreeing to our Terms and Conditions
NOTE:  By engaging our services, you are ALSO agreeing to our Terms and Conditions
NOTE:  By engaging our services, you are ALSO agreeing to our Terms and Conditions
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8 Track
in 2013,
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