NEW 8 Track Players Built to Order For Future Classics
2013 Dodge Charger
Fits inside arm rest, plugs into
connectors inside arm rest -
install/remove in
5 secs!
Watch the video  
(with tape):
Length: 7.5"
Width: 5.5"
Height: 3.0"
Starting at
Leading the Way in the Return of the 8 Track Craze
The 8 Track Repair Center (aka Barry's 8 Track Repair) is constantly striving to be the cutting edge of new
developments necessitated by the continued aging and deterioration of many 8 track machines, scant
service information on obscure models, parts availability issues and other factors.  To this end (and on
the one year anniversary of Barry leaving his day job), the 8TRC has completed its first NEW 8 track player.

Likely the first 8 track machine manufactured since the 80's, the model shown above was decided on after
some frustration in locating and modifying a machine to fit inside the closed armrest in a 2013 Charger.  The
most efficient and most reliable solution was simply to build a brand new unit from the chassis to the roof.

At the heart of our 8 track machines is the popular Mitsumi tape transport mechanism found in Fisher,
Soundesign, Lloyds and hundreds of other home 8 track players and recorders.  The unit above utilizes
a vintage Dodge tape head preamp to match the sound of a Dodge Classic 8 track player, and is superior
mechanically to all other aftermarket 8 track machines due to the ruggedness of a
home unit transport.

Brand new transports have the abrasive surface and torque of a new capstan, new head, motor and belt.
You're the Boss - Watch Us Build It!
(BARRY) "This was a particularly exciting project for me, as customer funds and demands of the project finally
gave me an excuse to purchase some professional metal forming equipment after 25 years of fabricating ducts,
baffles, plenums and transitions in the HVAC field.  At last, I get to make stuff IN the air conditioning instead of
FOR the air conditioning, and I get to work with equipment that isn't full of grease and grime - and FREEZING!"

Keep scrolling down to follow us - step by step - from design to finished product!
The most exciting part - getting new equipment!

Fabricating an acceptable metal cabinet requires
more than a pair of tin snips and a sharp corner
to make hand bends; thus it was time to make the
move and become a sheet metal fabrication shop.
Follow from left to right as if reading a book.  Click on images for larger views.
5 year warranty!
We Keep Your Classic Car Sounding Classic!
"Barry, I received the unit on Wed of this week.  I've been driving
back and forth to work while using the unit.  It's working very well.
I can even let it stand straight up with a tape playing and
still close the console lid.  I've made
a video of it in use
and uploaded
to YouTube."

-Steve Bennett
Waldorf, MD
We Keep Your Classic Car Sounding Classic!
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FCC Licensed
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