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Beyond "Basic" Restoration
"Basic" restoration covers roughly 80% of all problems which prevent the radio or 8 track player from working
properly, and assumes that the unit has "aged well" with moderate to fairly heavy use.  It assumes that your
motor is still running at the correct speed, that your playback head is still in good shape, that there are no burned
up components in the output section, and that the AM or FM radio needs only minor troubleshooting.

Though it can vary somewhat from unit to unit depending on several factors, "Basic" generally includes:

1.  New motor and speed control board (Ford, Mopar, AMC and some Akai and Wollensak ONLY)

2.  Replacement of all
readily accessible electrolytic capacitors without major disassembly

3.  Servicing of track change mechanism (does not cover burned out solenoid, extremely rare)

4.  Replace DRIVE belt (s).  We don't service tape counters at all due to unavailable parts.

5.  Resurface capstan using sandblaster (may cost extra on some HOME units only)

6.  Clean all controls and switches to eliminate noise and improve contact.

7.  Adjust head height and azimuth

8.  MINOR machine shop work:  No lathe required

9.  Fabricate missing track change/eject plunger for Mopar thumbwheel units

10.  Fabricate missing track change/eject pivot piece for Mopar thumbwheel units

11.  Repair cracked plastic volume/tuning gears (Mopar thumbwheel units)

12.  Any trouble in the audio circuits BEFORE the power output section

13.  Minor radio repair - Switching trouble, touchup alignment, gummed up tuner, etc.

14.  Application of anti-tamper labels (voids warranty if removed or damaged)

Parts and Procedures Which Incur Additional Charges:

1.  Repair or replacement of damaged control - up to DOUBLE or TRIPLE  advertised rates!
Replacing a control requires the purchase of an entire unit for the part.  Repairing the
control by replacing damaged sections is extremely time-consuming.  PACK IT SAFELY!

2.  Replacement of motor if not included in Basic - up to $75

3.  Replacement of playback head - up to $75
(NOTE:  Due to limited quantities, we can only replace a truly defective head - not at customer's request)

4.  Extensive radio troubleshooting requiring schematic and board layout

5.  Repair of multi-pole function switch in Delco 8 track and Delco radio/8 track - extra $49

6.  Any work required in the output section - up to an extra $99 (retrofit modules) or $? (original parts)

(Output transformers are no longer available except from another unit which must be purchased.  In some cases, we
remove the original transformers to make room for entire new output MODULES.  The modules we select have the
same - or greater - power output with the addition of short circuit and overvoltage protection so it doesn't happen again)

7.  Speed correction with no speed adjustment (applies mainly to home units):

By disassembling motor to adjust governor - up to 49.00

By replacing original motor with adjustable speed motor - 75.00

By using lathe to reduce pulley or flywheel diameter - up to 29.00

Choice of above three methods is at our discretion; we will do whichever is fastest without sacrificing quality.

8.  Handling of any cosmetic items - $50 + separate box shipping (because you shouldn't have sent it)

We are not responsible for loss or damage to any cosmetic items - no knobs, cowls or large plastic items!

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