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FM Conversion, USB, MP3 and Bluetooth
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We offer many ways to add FM to your AM radio or combination AM radio/8 Track unit,
starting with the least expensive method, right up to "all the bells and whistles".

Please note that prices shown assume that you have sent your unit in for restoration; prices
will be substantially higher if unit is sent in only for the FM conversion and/or additional features.
Solution # 1 - Adding an External FM Tuner/MP3 Player (add $75)
Feature-packed FM Tuner and MP3
Player with USB, SD & Extra Line In

This means you can even plug in your existing,
favorite MP3 player, CD audio, satellite radio,
DVD or laptop audio - even a music keyboard -
right into this unit's rear "Audio In" jack.

With the addition of an external input to your
car stereo which we install at no extra charge,
you can now have FM as well as a player that
accepts USB sticks and SD cards - meaning
that you can ride with 1000's of favorite tunes.

The player, as shown, fits neatly into your glove
compartment and receives FM just fine with
the antenna fully retracted as in the picture.

Mounting the car radio's MP3 jack to the side
wall of the glovebox keeps this cool little box,
as well as another audio source, well hidden.

Comes with a handy REMOTE also!
Our super-cool FM Tuner/MP3 Player requires ONLY the addition
of an external Line In jack, and your unit's circuitry is not altered.
This is the best choice for preserving the originality and warm
analog sound of your factory radio, and the most economical.
Solution # 2 - Installing an FM Conversion/MP3 Input Module
This simple FM Conversion board is somewhat more invasive, necessitating
installation into your original AM radio but not requiring any modifications to
your rare and valuable unit.  Thus, it can be removed later if desired while still
preserving the originality, value and functionality of the original radio.

The installation of this FM board also allows you to connect an external source
such as an MP3 player, satellite radio, etc. - or to interface with the 8 track player
if your unit is a combination AM radio/8 Track.  Uses your radio's existing controls.

Add $149 to restoration, $275 for FM add-on only
Solution # 3 - Retrofitting FM with 4 X 45 Watt Amplifiers
This sophisticated board requires complete gutting of your
unit; everything except the tuner assembly and controls are
removed and replaced with a processor-based FM tuner
which boasts 4 discrete 45-watt amplifiers with Line In also.

This board also allows the capability of USB and Bluetooth,
both of which are offered below.   Please note that the USB
and Bluetooth options only work in conjunction with this board.

$475 - 495 for entire job
Solution #3a - Adding USB Capability
This tiny board, when installed with Solution #3, adds the ability to play
thousands of songs stored on a USB memory stick.  Unlike some other
USB adaptors, this unit will continue where it left off on your playlist when
power is turned off.  

The board can be mounted any way you choose, most customers find it
most practical to have the USB receptacle mounted in a small plastic
box dangling from the end of a cable coming from the rear of the radio.

Add $125 to Solution # 3
Solution #3b - Adding Bluetooth Capability
This board, when installed with Solution #3, adds the capability of
hands-free phone conversations, automatic muting of music upon a
received call, etc.  Comes with 3 foot mic cord for optimum placement,
requires no cigarette lighter adaptors and doesn't take up your only
Line In jack as it ties directly into the radio circuitry.

This board completes a fully integrated system in which your radio's
existing controls are used to select all functions including music search.

Add $175 to Solution # 3
Available Packages  (Complete Teardown and Retrofit):
180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 only (no possible future USB or Bluetooth) = 475.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 only (with ability to add on USB and Bluetooth) = 495.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 with USB (can add Bluetooth later) = 575.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 with Bluetooth (can add USB later) = 595.00

180 Watt AM-FM-MP3 with USB and Bluetooth (all possible options) = 649.00

Please add 75.00 for WonderBar, Town and Country and other signal-seeking radios
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