Where to Purchase 8 Track Tapes, Repair Supplies and Services
Jon has some GREAT
instructional videos on
the repair of all types of
8 track cartridges.  Jon
also sells pads and foils.
Josh and Rachel of the 8 Track Shack are good friends of ours, and
boast the
World's Largest 8 Track Tape inventory.  They also sell
tape repair supplies and perform tape repairs and
transfer to CD.
The 8 Track Shack has been online since January 2006.
eBay is the best place to find 8 track players and recorders, as well as
tapes.  You will find both tapes that are serviced and those that still need
new pads and foil splices.  You can also find large 8 track tape collections.
PLEASE NOTE that eBay sellers seldom know how to fully test an 8 track
machine, and that any machine purchased will likely require service soon.
Tens of thousands of 8 track
tapes, repair guides, etc.
Online since February 2008
8 Tracks R Back!

of new and used 8 track tapes.  Online since 2009.
Another source for tapes, these folks
include a new pad with each tape, or
will install it for an extra $1.50.
The 8 Track Repair Center accepts tape collections for service and repair, with a minimum of 30 tapes at 5.00 each.
Tape repairs are processed separately from machine repairs and
may not be sent with a machine.  Tape repairs are
guaranteed to play upon arrival only due to the loss of graphite lubricant over time and overall design limitations.
Shipping rates on tape repairs = 1.00 per tape for guaranteed safe arrival.  Sorry, no quantity discounts.
We Keep Your Classic Car Sounding Classic!
We Keep Your Classic Car Sounding Classic!
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FCC Licensed
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